Hog, CT. BO. Govt Swamp Shutdown?


Good Speculative Monday,

All opinions rumors news, levels ideas and more opinions.

HOGS- thanks for the calls as hogs continue water torturing longs, accelerate few timeframes, rare.  We are now under my embargo for levels publicly. I do not feel this is fair to clients whom actually fill out the paperwork and started trading.  Which orders do you think are working? 

  If you need hog proprietary next levels, or where the sequence is, in each month?  Or the trade idea, level, risk stop, let's consult.  That is a service for pros I supply and can supply in fast market conditions for serious.  This is ONLY for those catching falling knives methodology expecting a V bottom.  Bear market Hog alert levels live, but where? 

If you want to stay where you are.  Give-up business or buy the levels?  I fill give the up's. I know you do not have time to do the homework.  I don't either.  I think you trade with clearly defined my algo levels, tight stops, or do what you have been doing.  Trading your feel against data scientist's?  vs, well defined patterns and risk methodology, 50c stops.  Always use stops to control risk.  Small accumulation scale down but bigger as acceleration climax is another suggested trade model.  Not whole unit, all at one price is strongest opinion. 

Risk Approach- Another call-in-  Ok your ready to shoot, but why your whole unit at two of my greens, in both of different months?  What if we gap 200 lower?  I think I can help as most of you, plunge too big and too early. 

  The last days, or last move or spikes in markets is where meat and potatoes is in my opinion.   You remain FRESHer (that extra 4% edge?) I have said how to scale at my specific levels if desired.  For those of you that have read last few years with no interest in trading here?  Best of Trading to you.  Is this like feeders last year 137? when I gave that out early?   Use caution trading parabolic moves is my advice.

Alan-ism - Someone big always blows low tick.  Like JBS last March?  Learn some US accounting too.  Or consider my shop.  Ctk OLIVE WATCH LIVE

 US dollar small OLS today. 9686

LC in a few back months, have some levels to watch, hedge or this market moves higher?  Need opinion?  FCH still holds 141.30.  Is that two olive extreme's, buys, last two years there?  LCG and LCJ new highs?  I concur.  Wall of Cattle is mirage.  HOGS?

Fundamental's-  Talking with my Elliot'eer I told him how I had half dozen say, "I know you don't listen to fundamentals"  Lunny said "yes I want to hear them so we can dismiss them."  I do like to hear them.  Not trade off them.  WHY?

I have to say this is getting exciting with no CFTC cot or other data released by the swamp.  Some I hear is, may be incomplete.  Let the markets trade.

  Washington has to crash to cleanse?  Old Establishment Swamp Lobby ain't leaving, will need to be pulled out by head of hair.

Other live markets are coffee, bonds, wheat, cocoa, corn buys, KC, Meal, BO, meats. metals have levels.  DAIRY- Cheese double bottom 4% ish off bott.

CTK hit an OLB today. Lumber futures lead cash up to targets and experimental olive extreme, $15 sloppy. US stocks held major TLs trendlines by low last two days.  We will see.  Buyers coming again.  It feels like volatility is likely to increase dramatically effective immediately but that comes from macro experience.  Interesting stocks charts.  Dow Jones component Boeing at new highs? 

Stock index traders I do have proprietary indicators to trade Dow NASD and SPU's.



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